Bruce Beveridge
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Bruce is one of the world’s foremost authorities on Titanic’s exterior and general working arrangements. He is a recognized authority on the technical aspects of Titanic’s construction. He has written numerous articles and columns for many publications based on the Olympic class liners. Bruce is an honorary lifetime member of the British Titanic Society, and is a founding member and trustee of the Titanic Research and Modeling Association. His general arrangement plans of Titanic are considered to be the most detailed and complete ever produced. In 2008 Bruce, along with Scott Andrews, Steve Hall, and Daniel Klistorner, published Titanic: The Ship Magnificent (The History Press, 2008), the most comprehensive work about the ship to date. Since 2003, both he and Steve Hall have coauthored four Titanic titles; their latest being: Titanic In Photographs (The History Press, 2011).